Technology Transfer

Velosity will build and qualify a complete manufacturing cell, including all tooling and capital equipment, to run in your facility. A high-level outline of the steps involved in a technology transfer program typically includes a preliminary part design review, design for manufacturing (DFM) review, design freeze, equipment identification, selection, and subsequent delivery to our facility. Also included in many tech transfer programs are tooling design, fabrication, and trials, as well as process development and process validation, and FAI.

Representatives from your operations visit Velosity to observe and train on the processing steps and mold preventative maintenance activities to ensure your team understands best practices and maintains quality. Then, equipment, tooling, drawings, and CAD files, including process documentation, are moved (physically and electronically, where applicable). After the transfer, our team remains available as a resource to answer any questions and provide any other necessary support to ensure a 100% successful result.


  • Thermoplastic, elastomeric, and silicone molding processes
  • Thin wall molding
  • Cosmetic/optical molding
  • Over-molding/multi-shot molding
  • Over-molded electronics using thermoplastic, elastomeric, and silicone materials
  • Development tooling
  • Scalable production tooling
  • Scalable assembly operations



Teaching customers and competitors how to injection mold has become part of the DNA at Velosity. You may be asking why we would teach someone, let alone a competitor, how to do what we do. While we get compensated for the work we do, we believe that mutual success builds confidence, and with confidence comes partnership, and with partnership comes future opportunity. The real benefit is the strength of the relationship gained through collaboration.

“Thank you for your outstanding contributions to our efforts to increase manufacturing capacity in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. Velosity had a direct impact on our ability to provide our COVID Test Kits to the global healthcare community.”

Principal Plastics Engineer
American Molecular Diagnostic Company

“Our most critical dimensions were successfully tuned on the first iteration by the Velosity team with precise results. This is unprecedented on these precision parts."

Principal Plastics Engineer
American Molecular Diagnostic Company

“Velosity is definitely a company we can depend on. You guys soooo very completely ROCK!"

Sourcing Manager
Multinational Medical  Device and Health Care Company

“Your facility is phenomenal! It was the most impressive facility I have ever seen, with no close second. When I leave a supplier and think “damn, I wish I worked here”, it tells me we are in good hands."

Senior Manufacturing Engineer
World's Leading Manufacturer of Medical Devices

“The collective skills of Custom Mold & Design and Velosity were key to completing our objectives."

Molding Specialist
American Multinational Conglomerate Organization

“We are grateful for the excellent work done by the Velosity team.  It makes a real difference to the healthcare system and the patients who rely so heavily on all of us!”

“Velosity has done a stellar job and is now on our radar globally.”

Head of Global Operations
One of the World's Largest Biotech Companies

“Velosity’s hard work helped us achieve our tight timeline and prevented us from going line down.”

Senior Buyer/Planner
Multinational Medical Device and Healthcare Company

“Velosity is our dream supplier.”

Senior Buyer
Aerospace, Defense and Technology Corporation