About Velosity | Team Player of the Month

Manuel Moron

Manufacturing Operator | 3rd Shift  | Forest Lake

Results Driven: We are accountable and deliver on our commitments to all stakeholders.

Meet Manuel Moron, a dedicated Manufacturing Operator working the 3rd shift at the Forest Lake Facility for almost six years. Manuel has been nominated twice in February for exemplifying the company’s core value of Results-Driven. His commitment to his work is unmatched, and he takes pride in producing high-quality products while maintaining a positive attitude. Manuel goes above and beyond by assisting his colleagues on different lines and is considered the ultimate team player. His supervisor admires Manuel’s enthusiasm for his job, and often encourages him to take breaks, as he would run the production floor all by himself if given the opportunity. Manuel’s passion for helping everyone is evident in his response when asked what he enjoys most about his job.

Thank you, Manuel, for your hard work and results-driven mindset every day!