About Velosity | Team Player of the Month

Wendy Sanchez

TP Operator I – Brooklyn Park

Wendy was nominated this January for demonstrating the core value of Collaboration!

Collaboration: We embody team spirit, passion and a positive attitude to ensure the success of our employees, company, customers, and supporters.

During Brooklyn Park’s recent BSI Microbiology Audit, Wendy went above and beyond in answering the auditor’s questions. What started as a simple question about a cleaning process step turned into a 10-minute guided tour of the jar set cleaning and packing area. At the end of the audit, the auditor specifically referred back to Wendy as being highly knowledgeable on the process, and the comfort with which she talked with the auditor showed she had been well trained and was committed to delivering a quality product.

Her manager says, “Wendy is a very dependable, accurate, and knowledgeable team member who cares about what she does for the company and the people she works with. This was evident during our recent audit inspection where she provided the auditor with a very concise picture of what we do and how we do it.”