About Velosity | Team Player of the Month

Sue Simons

Design Engineering Coordinator – FL CMD

Sue was nominated in October for demonstrating the core value of Continuous Improvement!

Continuous Improvement: We embrace opportunities to learn and grow while striving to be the best.

With the loss of our buyers, Sue has seamlessly stepped in to cover and assist in training new buyers. She remains an integral part of the supply chain. She continually seeks to improve delivery through partnerships and new working methods. She has taken immediate action to lead objectives set by others, keeps track of measured outcomes against standards, and consistently exceeds those standards set by others. Although Sue has moved away from the Purchasing Department, she has gone above and beyond to help find and train new buyers while still performing her role at a high level. She works diligently to help create better processes and consistently delivers results above the standard.

Her manager says, ‘Sue is one of the pillars that keeps FL-CMD standing upright. It’s not in her nature to let issues linger, remain unfinished for long, or let things collapse. When the workload becomes heavy and someone needs assistance, she’s always there to offer a helpful solution to fix the problem.